Gouri Sankar Super Speciality Hospital
Kodungallur, Kerala 680664
Emergency contact : +91 480 280 2257

Focused Neuro Care

  • Kerala's first Intra Operative CT Scan center
  • An Advanced Neuro and Trauma care center headed by an experienced Neurosurgeon
  • CT Scan, OT and ICU all on the same floor to save time in emergencies and better care and efficiency
  • 3 high end operation theatres complete with laminar air flow and hepafilter
  • 3 ICUs, 1 post-operative, another for trauma and the third for neurological problems, all equipped with the latest monitoring system and ventilators.
  • High-end operating microscopes (Zeiss) for micro-neurosurgery, High speed Pneumatic drill systems (Midas Legend), Siemens C-arm, Anaesthesia machine from Datex Ohmeda
  • General and Specialized Orthopedic surgery and care
  • Equipped with the latest facilities and equipment for complex operative Neurosurgery

 GS Super Specialty hospital is a highly focused specialty centre offering the most advanced treatment for trauma, brain, spine diseases and orthopaedics. Our centre is one of the few super specialty hospital established by a Neurosurgeon and consequentially it will have its advantages “only experts know what is best in their field “.

Equipped with the latest facilities and equipment,  High-end operating microscope (Zeiss), High speed Pneumatic drill systems (Midas- Legend), Siemens C-arm, Anesthesia machine the department of Neuro Care provide comprehensive care for neurological disorders with the latest technology  setting the highest standards of health care in Kerala

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